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Jeff Diener
When I was approached about the petition, its purpose was misrepresented, in my opinion. When asked to sign it, I was told that it was intended to provide a choice to the people in the neighborhood, not make it mandatory that all of us join the Larkspur district.
Stephanie Ham
You can email Craig.blok@gmail.com to have your email removed
Kristal Ganatra
For kids going into K, I've heard we don't need to provide any school supplies (or even a backpack). Can you confirm? What do we need to send our kiddos to school with? Do we get to see the school at all as parents?
Jeff Diener
The issue isn't removing my name, but those of people who signed under false pretenses.
Erin Accurso (she/her/ella)
Is there a way to learn more about what options might be provided for lunch? The website for the vendor didn't have very much information on what the meal options might look like...
Kristal Ganatra
very different than the SF process :) thanks!
Vincent Accurso
As a new parent, how can we get involved with The Foundation for Reed Schools?
Daren’s iPhone
If the loss of the homes on those 19 streets in Corte Madera will result in the loss of property tax revenue for the Reed District (as well as potential students that would use those funds) what is the District’s current position on the potential outcome of a loss of those parcels? Is the District ambivalent about the re-drawing of lines or would it prefer a specific outcome?
Kalon Gutierrez
I have met with others like Jeff Diener and can confirm that we were told the same = we were asked to sign the petition and told that we would have a choice by doing so. Given the fact that the petition is on hold, does the last round of signatures have an expiration term?
Keith Woodard - Reed USD
Foundation for Reed Schools:
Keith Woodard - Reed USD
Keith Woodard - Reed USD
Foundation for Reed Schools
Shadi's iPad
Thank you
Keith Woodard - Reed USD
Foundation for Reed Schools http://www.foundationforreedschools.com
Stephanie Ham
I met with the LCM superintendent and it was clear to me that redistricting to an area for school choice is his idea and his desire for our east Corte Madera neighborhood and I think that has added to confusion.
Do we sign up for the meals ahead?
Kalon Gutierrez
Given the fact that the petition is on hold, does the last round of signatures have an expiration term?
Stephanie Ham
Will playgrounds be ADA compliant?